Go Natural in Your Weave

Hair can be a beautiful addition to any look.  The right hairstyle can take an ok day and make it great.  There is not better feeling than someone complimenting you on your hair.  That’s why weaves are a great tool for any woman to have.  Weaves can change a style or look quickly without having to alter your natural hair.  A natural hair weave can make your new look be organic and healthy with an effortless flow.

natural hair weave

Why use a natural weave?

Natural weaves are a great way to make it seem like it is your real hair and can allow your natural hair to grow.  They are also great to blend in with natural hair to make a flawless look.  Weaves can help your natural hair have time to grow or even protect it from elements or harsh heat.

How to keep a weave healthy?

·    Like your natural hair, it is important to brush your weave.  Starting and the tips, brush hair one to two times a day. 

·    Wash hair once a week or more with sulfate- free shampoo.  Try your best to get in between and underneath braids to get a full clean.  Don’t forget to condition, too!

·    Make sure your hair is fully dry!  It is important not to go to bed with wet hair or leave hair slightly wet due to possible smell and even mold!  You can use a hooded dryer to air dry instead of blow dryers that apply a lot of damaging heat.

·    When in doubt, do not scratch!  Scratching can lead to serious irritation problems on your scalp. 

·    Scalp oil can be useful to ensure a healthy scalp underneath the hair.  A healthy base will lead to healthier looking hair and less itchiness.

·    To avoid frizzing or matting, use a silk pillow and silk head wrap.

When you are looking for a fresh and natural look, try a natural hair weave and see the difference.