How to Keep a Marriage Going

Every marriage is different, but every marriage has lulls and tough spots over the years.  The question is, how do you rekindle the marriage after the spark has dulled or possibly gone out?  Apart from therapy, there are other options to consider like a romantic getaway st augustine or mutual hobbies to enjoy. 

Below are some tips to rekindle your marriage.

Remember you were a girlfriend/ boyfriend

Before you were married and before you had children, you dated.  This beginning time was filled with passion and love.  Try to remember some of the little things you did when you were dating that have gone away over the years.  A text saying you miss them or have a great day can make big ripples in your marriage.   The small stuff adds up because it shows you are thinking of them.

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Get away from it all

Even if it is for the day, sometimes you just need to get away.  Escaping the everyday struggles and stress can do wonders for your own mental health and make the connection between the two of you stronger than ever.

Turn to each other

When times get tough, turn to each other for support.  Sometimes, we turn to our friends or family first and our partner may feel left behind or not important.  Keep you partner in mind when you need help they may surprise you.

Communicate your concerns

If you feel there is a serious issue or something isn’t right between the two of you, speak up!  Many couples keep quiet and then shock the spouse later.  There are times when your partner may genuinely not realize something is wrong.  Communication is the foundation of any great relationship.

Marriage is hard work.  These simple tips may help you make yours last a lifetime.